Our Top 6 benefits of in home NDIS care and support

Smile Care Community Provider is a registered NDIS provider in Adelaide that inclused NDIS in home care and support. We strive to provide an innovative approach to in home care, ensuring our valued clientele are able to live and achieve in ways that are most important to them.

Through ongoing support, daily activities, community participation, cleaning and gardening services and more, we ensure that our clients are always experiencing our service’s amazing benefits, the likes of which include:


  1. Experienced, highly passionate social carers 

Smile Care’s social carers are the kind of people who want to see the change they strive to help create. Our experienced and passionate carers all undergo a thorough vetting process before hiring, including profound reference checks, police checks, face-to-face inductions and more.

What’s more, we work to create an environment where if one of our carers bonds well with one of our clients, we will ensure that they stay onboard with the client, as we don’t believe in creating a situation where carers come and go like call centre staff.



  1. We help our clients live life to the fullest 

One of Smile Care’s key dedications is ensuring our clients live life to the absolute fullest. This includes helping them with whatever they need to achieve their goals and dreams for the future.

Whether it be through community participation, helping them find work, assistance with transport, cooking assistance, daily activities or something completely different, our professional carers are there to ensure that whatever your client sets out to achieve it can be achieved.


  1. We are NDIS-approved 

As a registered NDIS provider, you can trust that Smile Care is attributed with all  the benefits that come with being part of this service. This includes the customised care and support needed to understand what can be a convoluted situation at the best of times, as well as help understanding all the personalised features of your service.


  1. Specific plans to match our clients’ specific needs 

Smile Care doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach to NDIS in home care. We understand that no two clients are the same, and that each individual requires special care and attention in a way that helps them live life to the fullest.

Therefore, we develop personalised, highly specific plans that ensure our patients are well looked after in the space they should feel most comfortable in – the home.


  1. We provide a framework for independent living 

As we understand that no two individuals are the same, we strive to facilitate a solution in which clients are able to live as independently as possible in a manner that is suitable for them.

Our carers will provide ongoing support including home cleaning to ensure that our clients can live in the way they want to and do the things they love to do the most without any hindrance.


  1. Ongoing companionship 

Last, but by no means least, is Smile Care’s commitment to possibly the most important of all features as the right NDIS provider for your loved ones: companionship. It’s all in our name, really: we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are happy, healthy and always ready to enjoy every coming day regardless of what that day may bring.

As dedicated, passionate NDIS in home support providers, we love nothing more than seeing the joy on the faces of the people we care for and care deeply about, and for this reason we continue to provide our service in a way that aims towards bringing out the joy of daily life.

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