NDIS Social and Community Participation in Adelaide

Discover Endless Opportunities with Social & Community Participation

Smile Care Community Provider is Adelaide’s premier NDIS Social & Community Participation service provider. Our dedicated team is passionate about helping you engage actively with your community, making connections, and experiencing life in its fullest.

Whether you’re looking to join local clubs, participate in group activities, or simply want assistance to attend community events, we offer round-the-clock support tailored to your individual preferences.

Engaging in Group Activities

Our professional team assists in finding local groups or workshops that resonate with your interests. Dive into a new hobby, skill, or simply have fun in a group setting.

Attending Events & Gatherings

From community fairs to local theatre performances, we ensure you have the means and support to attend and enjoy these events.

Skill Building for Socialisation

We offer guidance in building essential social skills, helping you confidently engage with peers and make new friends.

Connecting with Community Resources

We connect you to community centres, libraries, and other resources, allowing you to explore and utilise them effectively.

Community Volunteering

For those looking to give back, we assist in finding suitable volunteering opportunities aligning with your passions.

Recreation & Leisure

Whether it’s attending a local sports event or participating in an art class, we’re here to facilitate your recreational pursuits.

Is Social & Community Participation Right For You?

Social & Community Participation is typically funded by NDIS to ensure individuals with disabilities can actively participate in their community. If you’re seeking to broaden your social connections, attend events, or learn new skills, this service is designed for you.

At Smile Care Community Provider, our Social & Community Participation services are about more than just attendance; they’re about active and meaningful participation, fostering genuine connections and enhancing quality of life.

Your Journey with Social & Community Participation

Engaging in community and social events is a significant step. We’re here to guide you through every aspect, ensuring a fulfilling experience.

5 Steps To Engaging in Social & Community Participation

Initial Consultation

Discuss your interests and community participation goals. We'll craft a plan resonating with your aspirations.

Exploration and Options

Explore various community activities and resources available in Adelaide, finding those best suited for you.

Connecting with Groups & Organisations

We'll introduce you to local groups, ensuring you're welcomed and integrated.

Support Implementation

Our team will accompany, assist, and ensure you're comfortable at every event or gathering.

Ongoing Review and Adjustment

We value your feedback, continuously refining our services to ensure they remain top-notch.

Understanding Social & Community Participation

Social & Community Participation is about ensuring individuals with disabilities have an active presence in their communities. NDIS funds these services to foster connections, build skills, and enhance the quality of life.

It’s more than just attending events; it’s about forming bonds, learning, and feeling an integral part of the community.

Why Choose Us For Social & Community Participation

Genuine Engagement

We believe in forming genuine bonds and ensuring you’re not just attending but actively participating.

Experienced Team

Our team understands community nuances, ensuring you’re introduced and integrated seamlessly.

Personalised Plans

We know everyone is unique. Our services are tailored, ensuring they resonate with your interests.

Extensive Connections

With vast ties across Adelaide, we offer a plethora of opportunities for social and community engagement.

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